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SeaPort Enhanced (SeaPort-e)
Contract Number: N00178-08-D-5458

User Agencies: Navy and Marine Corps

Contract Type: Multiple Award ID/IQ

Website: SeaPort-e

Program Description: SeaPort-e is geared to satisfy the mission and requirements of the Surface and Undersea Warfare Centers using streamlined acquisition procedures, e-procurement portal, and innovative contracting provisions.

Infotek International Inc. task areas covered include:

  • Research and Development Support Engineering,
  • System Engineering
  • Process Engineering Support
  • Modeling & Simulation
  • Stimulation and Analysis Support Prototyping,
  • Model-Making and Fabrication Support System
  • Design Documentation and Technical Data
  • Support Software Engineering
  • Software Development
  • Human Factors Engineering
  • Configuration Management (CM)
  • Quality Assurance (QA)
  • Information System (IS) Development
  • Information Assurance (IA)
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Test and Evaluation
  • Logistics
  • Supply and Provisioning
  • Training Support
  • In-Service Engineering
  • Program Support
  • Functional and Administrative Support
  • Public Affairs and Media Support
  • Contracting Activity:
    Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA)

    For more information contact Infotek International, Inc.

    Seaport-e Program Manager:
    Jason Sherrod

    Large Business Partners

    Missile Defense
    The increasing cost of live fire testing
    missile defense radar systems continue
    to drive system test organizations to
    expolore alternative test approaches
    employing digital simulation.

    The challenges of digital simulation
    include providing realistic, high
    fidelity target and environment
    characteristics in realtime to fully
    exercise the radar system in an effort
    to accurately predict system performance.


    Partners List

    Development Services
    CTC provides full Software Development Life
    Cycle (SDLC) services using the SEI Software
    CMMI Level II methodology. The Core of CTC's
    projects revolve around the processing of data
    more specifically, its architecture, conceptualization, modeling, acquistion, physical implementation,
    storage, security, transformation, aggregation, classification, search, conversion to information, presentation, an delivery.