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Requirement Analysis

After working on numerous web projects for our clients from across the world we have recognized this as the most important part of our offshore development effort. Absolute clarity on the requirements of the client helps us in providing the optimum solution and also simplifies the whole process. We need as much details about your requirements as possible.

Towards this end we require our potential clients to fill in our website development questionnaire. Although it may take some time to furnish all the details, this initial effort will save time and money later as we bill at hourly rates. We would also need additional information that may not be contained in the questionnaire and we urge you to send as many communications [emails, faxes, telephone calls] as necessary to achieve this.

Market Study

We firmly believe in thorough market studies to give our clients a competitive advantage in the market place. We pay close attention to the dynamics of your specific industry, get an in-depth view of the market and analyze the competition. This way we ensure that our development efforts are focused not just on the technology aspects, but on the marketplace where it should actually make a difference to the bottom line of your business. We believe in creating leaders out of our clients in their respective markets and marshal all our resources towards this end.

Flow Chart

Once we have completed the Requirement Analysis and the Market Study, we prepare a flowchart for the project and send it to the client so that both parties get a clear idea of the requirements of the project. For large projects it would include a proposal with detailed analysis, Data Flow Diagram, Database Schema, Detailed Breakups, Project Schedule, Payment Terms and so on. A System Requirement Study is also completed before starting the actual coding. Prospective clients can also make use of our Pilot Project facility. We highly recommend that you opt for a Pilot Project if the project you have in mind involves medium to high levels of investment. Once there is general agreement on the above the MOU is signed subject to further clarification of terms and conditions. The initial amount to be remitted is specified and the project moves on to the next phase upon receipt of the advance payment and signing of the MOU.


Once the requirements are clarified, and the MOU signed, the next step is to quickly build the prototype of the website/web application. We will work out a graphical website design incorporating the overall 'look and feel', colors, logo and navigation features as specified by the client. In addition, this would also incorporate the specific web applications specified. And refine it until it becomes the final product, exact to specifications. The prototype will be hosted in a private area and we provide the client with the URL to find the WIP of the site. This will help the client find how the work is progressing and also to facilitate communications between the client and us till the client is completely satisfied with the result. As the modifications and refinements are done, the client can actually see and verify for them self how the end product will look and function. We will also do the White box and Black box testing of the product before it is delivered.


After all the required coding is done and the client is satisfied with the outcome, the website/web application is tested thoroughly on the specified server space. As soon as the tests are over and the client signals approval the website/web application is made accessible to the general public, it goes 'live'. The complete documentation regarding administration features of various components are handed over to the client so that she can manage and monitor the activities easily. However, Excellone would continue to monitor the performance of the website/web application for a period of One month from the date of going 'live'. This is a complementary service offered by Excellone and any problems found during this period will be solved without any additional cost. But our clients also have the option of signing up for comprehensive site maintenance and post development support agreement.


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