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The Infotek vision is to be on the leading edge in Modeling and Simulation (M&S) and Serious Games, by providing superior information, in a superior format, to the right people, at the right time in order to make the superior decisions. Models are not always perfect. In fact, it may take several iterations to create a fully adequate model. A simulation is a model projected through time.

This technique has several advantages such as illustrating changes in state, condition or relationships among system components; permitting visualization of start point and transition toward end state; displaying the functions and illustrating capabilities of design products and processes. M&S allows the Program Manager to experiment with a larger number of possibilities without undue risk. Our number one goal is to demonstrate tested models using simulation using cutting edge, M&S capabilities. We harness the power of technology with a focus on systems that deliver superior information, that translate into superior knowledge the will allow management to make superior decisions. Our products are built to achieve the highest realism possible and superior real-time performance. With decades of experience and a thorough understanding of the rigorous requirements for modeling and simulation, the Infotek's 3D Modeling and Visualization Services can provide you with custom turnkey solutions. Whether your challenges lie with database design and/or the deployment of real-time applications, the engineers and senior database specialists have the answer. We know the importance of saving time and decreasing your project development cycle and know how to get you there.

Virtual Worlds

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Benefits include:
  1. Reducing design cycle time
  2. Augmenting or replace physical tests
  3. Helping resolve limitation of funds, assets or schedules
  4. Providing insight into issues that were impossible or impractical to examine in other ways

Quantifiable M&S benefits include:

  1. Cost savings (including manpower and overhead)
  2. Time improvement
  3. Acceleration of deliverables
  4. Quality enhancement
  5. Cost avoidance


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