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Our consulting team stays focused on defining, optimizing, and aligning our clients' business and IT strategies. We help identify, design, and implement e-business strategies and solutions to the corporations of the 21st century, leveraging Internet technologies to enable them to flourish in the surge economy.

Infotek has a proven track record of successfully completing challenging enterprise architecture projects on time and on budget. We excel at developing reliable, extensible solutions for mission-critical applications and essential business processes utilizing EA frameworks. Our clients are the Department of Defense (DoD), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Fortune 500 enterprises, Associations, Non-Profits and Small Businesses who require deep technical expertise and a demonstrated ability to develop high-quality, custom applications that achieve specific business goals that are designed with the enterprise mission and vision aligned with the technology. It is often said by mathematicians that the primary value of mathematics is that it makes the invisible, visible. Enterprise Architecture solutions are to organizational thinking what mathematics is to the engineering.


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